To escape the monotony of a prototypical suburban life on Long Island, NY, I taught myself the guitar at the age of 9, playing along to Beatle albums, dreaming of bigger things and losing myself in the wonders of music.

I began taking formal lessons at age 10, but never learned to actually read music. Because of my innate ability to “hear” the notes on the page as my instructor played them, it was a simple way to fool my teacher that I was actually “reading”, but I quickly learned that I was only fooling myself. By age 11, I was writing songs and playing in a band with a group of other musically inclined friends.

I abandoned formal guitar lessons for ear training courses and sang in the school choir. To further my instinctive musical ability, I took music theory courses. While my first love has always been the versatility of the guitar, I also played Tuba in the marching band, bass in the jazz ensemble and learned some piano by age 17.

I became a professional musician at the tender age of 12 when my first band played restaurant grand openings, backyard parties and carnivals in and around Levittown. This pre-pubescent band soon became “The Underdogs” and with fake ID in hand my cohorts and I were playing out-of-state colleges, bars and clubs while still in high school.

Throughout my twenties and early thirties I wrote and performed exclusively with a tight knit band of brothers, sharing the same artistic goals and ideals. Our camaraderie reaped many rewards as well as its share of disappointments. But I remained dedicated to my art and continued to hone my skills.

For nearly twenty years I stayed true to my roots as a musican and faithful to my mates. We were convinced that with persistence and a bit of resilience, we would indeed have a fair shot at stardom. I cannot say that we didn’t come close on a number of occasions, but with life’s trajectory moving us further out of orbit, our sights on the golden ring was out of focus.

Today, I still remain true to my roots as a musican, but now I’m faithful to myself. I make a living solely as a performer and I continue to enhance my life by making music. These days my approach is a bit more personal, but the end result is the same. To make music that can be inspirational and entertaining to me, as well as to others.

I am surrounded by many talented musicians who do it for a number of different reasons. Most commonly, to share in the pure joy of playing music. Those of them older than me are more introspective and they give me insight to my own maturity. Others being younger are intent to fill the hunger inside them, consuming music from all angles. In them I see the innocence of my own past, realizing the undeniable power that music has on everyone who feels it.