The Mighty Underdogs


Tom San Filippo (Guitar, Vocals)
Artie Sgaraglio (Guitar, Vocals)
Dave Diamond (Drums, Vocals)
Mark Salamone (Bass, Vocals)
Scott Treibitz (Keyboards)
John Flanagan (Percussion)
Fred Reiter (Saxophone, Flute, Keyboard, Percussion)

The Underdogs were a refreshing contrast to their surroundings. A truly versatile group whose sound harnessed many influences such as rock, jazz, funk and an occassional raggae groove. Their sound linked them to a time when musicians gave us thrills, fantasy and lyrical wisdom.

Although the group were truly Underdogs in every sense of the word, they were able to reach a level of success that other bands could only dream of. The band was responsible for a wealth of recorded original material; An endless road of highs and lows that brought them to the dankest of basement frat parties, to the pristine stage of Radio City Music Hall. Most of all, there was a chain of friendship between them that was unbreakable.

Few Long Island bands can claim to have the reputation for brilliance that the Underdogs earned over their long lived career. Although the observance of this band can only be considered a tribute in retrospect, their formula for survival and passion for their music can only be recognized as nothing short of rare.

It was once said that music whose only inspiration is vanity and greed will soon leave audiences begging for silence. The Mighty Underdogs always left us wanting more.